Billy Smolinsky

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Harley Stafford

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Dey Shaka

Dey Shaka is a Florida native who grew up on the east coast. He loves surfing and reggae music. He is a singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist. You can usually catch Shaka making friends and spreading positive vibes after shows!

Kevin McKewen

Born in Jackson, TN in November of 1995. Kevin started playing the bass at age eleven after watching, “The Who’s John Entwistle,” perform, “My Generation.” Later he would teach himself the guitar after diving into bands such as Metallica and Nirvana.

He and Harley began to play music together with friends while in high school. They first learned covers but soon progressed towards writing originals and booking gigs. Through years of performing with different bands and projects, Kevin became the bassist for The Sub Herbs.

“Music is a language that expresses so much beyond words. A way to unite with
others in the form of dynamics, harmonies,
timbre, and rhythm.” – Kevin McKewen

Rafael Rodriguez

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Brinson Swann

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